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Community description:Severus Snape, in all his glory.
Welcome to Snapedom!

This is the home of Snape's Underground, a place where fans of Severus Snape come together and discuss, laugh, and cry about him.

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Please read the rules below before joining.

About this community
Moderation and contact info
Fic and art
Posting/commenting policies
Stuff we don't need to be told, thanks very much
Frequently Asked Questions (link goes to a community post on InsaneJournal)

About this community

This is a community for Snape fans. We are here to discuss everything related to Severus Snape in excruciating detail and with a passion. Don't bother enlightening us about why you don't like Severus Snape and we shouldn't either. If you don't like him, what are you doing here? (If you want to really know why we love Snape and not all of us are happy with the apparent moral message in DH, read [ profile] rattlesnakeroot's essay Dear Ms. Rowling, what about my good-guy syndrome?)

This is primarily a discussion community - most posts are "meta" in nature. They do not have to always be purely Snape-centered. We are open to more general discussions of the Potterverse as well. Severus lives in that universe, after all, so circumstances where he isn't at the center of things can be discussed. We do encourage you to draw connections back to Snape whenever possible, however.

Here are some examples of possible post topics in this community:
  • Meta or essays about Severus Snape. (Duh?)

  • Meta or essays about any other Harry Potter character, as long as there is a connection to Snape. Harry? Dumbledore? Sirius? Knock yourself out. (Winky in connection to Severus would make us wonder, but if you have an interesting idea, go for it.)

  • Rants about Snape-related topics. (Mature language is allowed, but don't go overboard.)

  • Snape-related jokes or humor.

  • Links to and discussion of essays, metas, rants, websites or other Snape-related topics elsewhere.

  • Aspects of writing fanfic or making art featuring Severus Snape. You can also post requests for betas.

  • "Friday recs": On Fridays only, posts of links to Snape-related fic and art are allowed.

Moderation and contact info

This community is maintained by [personal profile] sassy_cat. You can contact me by email at or send me a PM.

Currently (September 2013), membership is open, posting is not moderated, and all types of comments are allowed (registered user, OpenID, anonymous). You do not have to be a member to comment but you must be a member to start a new post. I do read every new post in the community, but I do not necessarily read every comment. Debate is permitted here and people may not always be very nice (you expected warm fuzzies from people who love Severus Snape?), but if you think someone is being unduly aggressive, harassing, offensive, or things are otherwise really getting out of hand, feel free to contact me.

Fic and art

Please do not post art or fic, or links to art or fic, unless:
  • There is a topic challenge going on. For a challenge, in addition to essays or standard posts in relation to the topic, you may also post "creative meta", short pieces of fiction that deal with the topic.

  • We are having a party or fest. During a party, feel free to post art and fic for the duration of the celebration.

  • You are using the fic or art as an example in a discussion post, to talk about some element of Severus's character, appearance, etc. It's OK to discuss aspects of fan depictions of Snape in a general way, but we are not a sporking or reviewing site. If you have criticism or want to get into heavy debate about a piece, take it up privately with the author or artist (if they welcome criticism).

  • It's Friday. On Fridays, you can post links to your own stories and art, or recommend things you like. They can be old pieces or new, any genre or rating, as long as Severus is involved. Please post only thumbnails or story headers with links, not the full piece. You must use warnings if what you are linking to is not work-safe (nudity, explicit sexuality) or includes chan (adult/child sexual activity), non-con (rape), graphic torture, or bestiality. Failure to do so may result in deletion of your post without warning.

Posting/commenting policies

  • Put all posts more than about 300 words and any pictures over 300 pixels wide behind a cut.

  • If you post an anonymous comment, you must sign your name/nickname on it. Failure to do so may result in your comment being screened without warning.

  • Shipping wars are not allowed. Feel free to discuss romantic ships that involve Severus, but remember that everyone is entitled to their own preferences. Let's share our insights as related to different ships, not fight about fictional romantic attachments.

  • Debate is allowed, but remember to attack the idea, not the person.

  • Before claiming something is or isn't a certain way in canon, it's a good idea to check the book first. Direct quotes are always appreciated. If you don't own the books or don't have them handy, be wary of basing an argument on what you think is the case - people will have no qualms about calling you on it if you're wrong!


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Online Wizarding Library
The Online Wizarding Library

Fandom How-To
[ profile] fandom_how_to

Severus Big Bang Birthday Bash

[ profile] severusbigbang

[ profile] obviouslysnape

Dark Prince Rising
[ profile] darkprincesnape

Contact us if you want to affiliate. Grab our affiliate banner and send us yours.

Stuff we don't need to be told, thanks very much

a message to the unwise

Potter fans don't all have to agree on everything, but you are wasting your time if you have come here to tell us that:
  • The books are called Harry Potter and the _____, not Severus Snape and the ____, for a reason. Yeah, we've already noticed that.

  • Snape is a nasty, greasy-haired git, was mean to Harry, and a murdering Death Eater! Guess what? We've noticed all that as well. It's all part of what makes him interesting; he is a multi-faceted character.

  • We only love Snape because we like Alan Rickman. Nobody could like the pure book character; it's all the fault of Rickman's appeal. So original, this. While some feel Alan Rickman qualifies as eye candy, he is much too old and plump to be canon Snape, for starters. Most of us are quite capable of distinguishing between an actor and the canon character.

  • We only love Snape because we want to write sappy romantic fiction about him. Wrong again. There are readers and writers of gen here as well as "shippy" fic, and we try to look at Severus from all sides. Some here see him quite unromantically or asexually.

  • We are mean gossips who dare question JKR's morality and discuss her personal life. As a famous public figure, her stated opinions, public actions, and such aspects of her personal life as she has chosen to make known are fair game for discussion, especially as they illuminate the plot and morality choices she presented in the books.
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